Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Workershops set for Friday's annual meeting of OMNI Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology

2008 Annual Omni Members Meeting Workshops

(Some changes have been made. Please note the updates)

Sustainable Farming: the gentle way to feed the planet, one community at a time --
A discussion of farming practices which can change the way food is grown, and how it can save our families, our communities, and our planet. Presented by noted sustainable food systems presenter Patrice Gros. "Patrice has been a full time organic farmer for 10 years, following a 2 year apprenticeship. He is the co-founder of two area Farmers Markets (Berryville & Eureka Springs, AR) and sits on the board of the Eureka Market. Patrice runs Foundation Farm and its associated Farm School. He is a columnist and lecturer on topics ranging from Sustainable Farming to the Build-Up of Local Economies. He is married and has two children. For more info visit"

Sensible Fayetteville – A positive shift away from draconian drug laws. Ryan Denham talks about a suggested city code that places marijuana possession as the least important priority for law enforcement officials. Similar to the ordinance passed by Eureka Springs last year. Federal drug laws have driven our prison system to crisis, and into the hands of private corporations. At the same time it has created class and human-rights dilemmas on a wide scale. A sensible step for Fayetteville is a major step for American human rights.

Nonviolence in the Face of Fascism –America appears to be moving toward a more fascist government, and many people are becoming anxious about it. People who believe in nonviolence need to know what powerful tools of nonviolence are available to them in tense and uncertain situations. Gladys Tiffany and Shelley Buonaiuto lead discussion on some remarkable and already-available options. There are more then you might think.

5th Anniversary of the Iraq War – Oh No! Not Again! – We hoped it would never come to this, but we’ve been there a honking long time now. Would you like to help Omni plan and organize a fitting remembrance for the national imbroglio? Kelly Mulhollan will organize this session to begin planning a commemoration for the month of March.

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