Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cut the Military Budget

 Trim the Pentagon's budget!
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Dear Dick,
Here is a new Progressive Secretary letter. You will be able to edit your name, address, etc. in the next step.
This letter stems from the current frenzy to cut budgets and reduce the deficit.  It goes to the President and Congress.
The current preoccupation with budget reduction is somewhat misdirected. Yes, the deficit must be reduced. Yes, budgets must be lean and shaped by priorities. But the important thing to cut is wasteful and bloated military spending that makes up about half of our federal expenditures, rather than outlays that create constructive employment such as fixing our broken infrastructure.
Many of the current efforts to cut federal services will result in loss of jobs at a time when we need to generate jobs. Revenues are plainly inadequate, yet no one has been willing to discuss either tax reform or even temporary tax increases. Corporations and the wealthy are not paying their fair share.  Heavy subsidies go to sectors that don't need them.
I urge both the White House and Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, to redirect federal priorities to serving our needs rather than military spending and subsidies for corporations and the wealthy.
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Kathie Turner, Chief of Staff

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