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I am devoting one newsletter to UN WIRE to enable my readers to see its excellence and to easily subscribe if it looks useful.   The UN Foundation and UN/USA, the support group for the UN in the US, are also excellent.  We have world problems and need a world organization.  Dick

UN Wire is a free service sponsored by the United Nations Foundation which is dedicated to supporting the United Nations' efforts to address the most pressing humanitarian, socioeconomic and environmental challenges facing the world today.
UN Wire
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Studies show how MDG 6 has reduced diseases
Two recent studies indicate that Millennium Development Goal 6 has resulted in the reduction of HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and neglected tropical diseases, writes Peter Hotez. The findings also indicate which medical areas need more attention. PLoS ONE/Speaking of Medicine blog(7/24)
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Above the Fold
Quote of the Day
@UN: Ban Ki-moon heard directly from @UNRWA staff in Gaza via@Skype. Listen to short clip
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UN Dispatch
"Massive Protests Erupt in West Bank" UN Dispatch (7/25)
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United NationsSponsored By
Ban urges Israel, Palestinians to stop fighting, start talking
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the shelling of a UN school in Gaza and urged Israel and Palestinian leaders to "stop fighting and enter into a dialogue. Whatever differences you may have, this is wrong." Reuters (7/24), The Guardian (London) (7/25), Voice of America (7/24)
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First UN-authorized convoy enters Syria from Turkey
The United Nations has made its first shipment of aid to Syria without the approval of the Syrian government. A nine-truck convoy with food and other supplies entered the country from Turkey. Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that Syrian government troops and rebels are targeting water and electricity infrastructure in conflict areas. BBC (7/24), Yahoo/The Associated Press (7/24)
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What Can Research Tell US about Current Events in Ukraine?
Dr. Ronald Mangum, Professor at American Military University learned a lot about Russia under President Vladimir Putin while conducting research in the country of Georgia. In this podcast, he shares some of his insights as part of a Voice of America segment about current events in Ukraine.
Health & Development
UNFPA's Osotimehin: Meeting youth needs is critical
The youth and young adult population is of a record size, and meeting their needs now will determine their futures, says Babatunde Osotimehin, executive director of the United Nations Population Fund.New Security Beat (7/25)
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Human development is improving, but the gains are fragile
The 2014 Human Development Report reveals gains in human development but also the risks to continued progress, writes Khalid Malik, lead author of the United Nations Development Programme report. "The report demonstrates and builds on a basic premise: that failing to protect people against vulnerability is often the consequence of inadequate policies and poor social institutions," he writes. Inter Press Service (7/24)
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Peacekeeping and Security
Mediated peace talks to resume in South Sudan conflict
The Intergovernmental Authority on Development will begin mediating peace talks between the South Sudan government and rebels next week. The talks will focus on creating a binding cease-fire as well as determining how to form a transitional government. Voice of America (7/24)
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Senior Vice President, Policy and PracticeInternational Rescue CommitteeNew York, NY
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UN Radio
UN cultural agency calls for protection of schools in conflicts UN Radio (7/25)
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About UN Wire
UN Wire is a free service sponsored by the United Nations Foundation which is dedicated to supporting the United Nations' efforts to address the most pressing humanitarian, socioeconomic and environmental challenges facing the world today.
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