Friday, October 28, 2011

To Super-Committee: Slash Military Spending

Send an Easy Letter-to-the-Editor Urging the Super-Committee to Slash Military Spending  WRL protesting the bloated military budget (Times Sq,NYC 10/25/11 Global Day of Action)
Thanks to our friends at Peace Action for preparing this action
The Occupy movement, with exciting street actions and activities in over 1,500 cities worldwide, has opened up a new opportunity in our nation's conversation on debt, crisis, and capitalism.
Meanwhile, time is running out for the so-called "Super Committee" to deliver its recommendations to cut over $1 trillion from federal spending over the next ten years. Very soon, they will finalize their report. With all eyes on the 99%, we have an opportunity to make the news again before it's too late.
Use our simple form with easy talking points or write your own.
Write to your local paper urging the Super-Committee to slash military spending and not our vitally needed social programs.
Show the Super Committee they can't ignore us!
Congress members tells us they track each and every newspaper article that mentions their name. By publishing a letter to the editor in your local paper, you can be sure that your members of Congress will hear about it!
Shocking facts about the Super-Commitee (by Public Citzen)
   12: Number of members of the supercommittee charged with reducing the debt
    $41 million: The amount the supercommittee lawmakers have received from the finance, insurance and real estate sector while they have been in Congress
    $900,000: The amount given by JPMorgan Chase (big war profiteer), Bank of America and Wells Fargo alone to these members
Write to your local paper using our talking points or your own to emphasize the need to bring war dollars home!   mailto:home!

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