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Afghanistan Veterans for Peace: Prosecute Bush, Impeach Obama

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Larry Pinkney, a legendary African-American activist, former member of the Black Panthers and current Editorial Board member of the Black Commentator in its July 21st issue is calling for the impeachment of President Obama for his prosecution of illegal wars and occupations abroad and numerous other high crimes here at home. Pinkney refers in his article, "Is it time to impeach Obama?", to the first national antiwar organization calling for the impeachment of Obama over the wars ... that being VFP ... as in Voters For Peace, not Veterans For Peace which in my opinion should have been leading the way a long time and many deaths and lives otherwise destroyed ago. Instead it was Voters For Peace that came out on July 18th with its own "5 Compelling Reasons to Impeach President Obama", which can be accessed by going to
Larry Pinkney's article "Is it time to impeach Obama?" can be accessed by going to
Our Central Florida chapter of Veterans For Peace has submitted to the national leadership of Veterans For Peace at its annual convention in 2009, 2010 and now 2011 a resolution to impeach the Democrat War Criminal President Obama for the same crimes we as a national organization cited in our adamant, public call for the impeachment of the Republican War Criminal President Bush. Each year the resolution has been voted down by the leadership, thus requiring a 2/3 majority vote from the general membership in attendance at the Veterans For Peace national convention whereas when the leadership voted in favor of a resolution then only a simple majority was required by the general membership in attendance to adopt the resolution at the national level.
In 2011, the rules have changed as far as voting on resolutions at the Veterans For Peace annual convention so that regardless of how the VFP national leadership votes on a resolution, pass or fail, if the general membership in attendance votes in favor of it with a simple majority then the resolution passes and is adopted at the national level. This year's vote by the national leadership of VFP will be on Thursday, August 4th, followed by a vote from the general membership in attendance at the convention on Saturday, August 6th.
As far as I know, the only one in VFP's national leadership who has voted in favor of the impeachment resolution in the past has told me that he too would be voting against it this year. The national leadership of VFP in 2011 for the most part is the same as it has been in the previous years, however they would need to be asked directly as to how they would vote on the impeachment resolution in 2011.
Once again, here is the link to an on-line version at of the Central Florida chapter of Veterans For Peace resolution calling for the impeachment of the Democrat War Criminal President Obama, as revised on March 19, 2011 for Obama's illegal war of aggression on Libya:
Also, here is a link to the article I put out last month entitled "Impeach now or forever hold up peace" as it was posted on The article makes the case for the need for the national antiwar organizations to immediately call for the impeachment of President Obama for his wars of aggression and other war crimes, as well as criticizes them for still not doing so after 2 and 1/2 years of Obama being in office committing these crimes in the name of the American people.
We should also make note of the fact that earlier this year the newspaper War Crimes Times also added its own call for impeaching current President Obama over his illegal wars and occupations and numerous other war crimes to its call for the prosecution of former President Bush and members of his administration for the same crimes.
We are asking all of our fellow members of Veterans For Peace to carefully consider the above regarding the need for us as a national organization to call for the impeachment of President Obama, putting our loyalty to our Veterans For Peace Statement of Purpose before our individual loyalties to political parties and their representatives, and make your position known to our organization's national leadership as well as chapter members attending this year's VFP national convention next week before they cast their votes on impeachment.
Please forward this email post to your fellow chapter members as well as to others who may be interested in stopping the wars by the American people using our Constitutional remedy of calling for the impeachment of any out of control U.S. President prosecuting illegal wars of aggression, occupations, renditions, assassinations, torture, and other war crimes such as our current President Obama is and has been doing for 2 and 1/2 years in our name and while on our watch.

Peace everybody,
Phil Restino
Chapter Co-Chair, VFP Chapter 136
Central Florida Veterans For Peace
P.O. Box 9012
Daytona Beach, FL 32120-9012
ph/fax: (386) 788-2918
Want Peace? Demand Justice.
Want Justice? Demand the Truth.
Want the Truth? Ask Questions. Demand Answers.
War Crimes are War Crimes: PROSECUTE BUSH, IMPEACH OBAMA ! 

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