Sunday, October 31, 2010

Money for Basic Education in Imperial Times

A crisis in education because $4 to 6 trillion will be spent on the Iraq and Afghan wars? No worry, so long as Reba McEntire’s on the case. The Spavinaw, OK school district was on the verge of closing pre-K through 8th grade, being $60,000 in the hole. But in flew fairy godmother Reba, and all was well.
What? Other schools are also war-shorted? Not to worry.
Reba. Reba! Reeeeeeebaaaaa!
Well, we can turn to athletics for the money for education. In Arkansas 4 of the 10 public universities funded more than 20% of their athletic programs with state revenue and student tuition, 2009-10. And athletic spending at Arkansas’ 2-year colleges and 4-year universities grew 11% from the previous over $116 million. What? They won’t give up their money for other schools warred out?
What shall we do?
The Pentagon? What? Its $600 billion 2009-10 budget was not enough for a year of the Afghan-Iraq wars? They needed more? They cannot share? And there’s the invasion of Pakistan to consider. And the 900 military bases around the world. We have to find our own money for education?
(ADG 10-25-10)

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