Saturday, October 23, 2010

FAIR: Media Criticism

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Best of the Blog--Weekly Roundup
The FAIR Blog provides a daily forum for media criticism and discussion by FAIR's media analysts--as well as commentary by readers like you. Here are some recent highlights:
'Capitalism Saved the Miners'? Part Two
NYT Investigation: Union Leader NOT Satanic Beast
The Great Non-Debate on China Trade of 2000
Eleanor Clift: Doing the Deficit Rag
Pat Moynihan's Non-Vindicating Vindication
NewsHour Fails French Public, Too
When Limbaugh Demonizes Obama, Some Listeners Take Him Literally
Dropping Fox: A Thought Experiment
At WPost, Everyone's a 'High Earner'--When It Comes to Benefit Cuts
Juan Williams: NPR Worse than Nixon
With Juan Williams, the Question Is Not Objectivity, but Bigotry
LA Public TV, Direct From--WHOSE Studios??
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