Wednesday, September 15, 2010

9-11 Overthrow of President Allende of Chile

With strong US prodding by Nixon and Kissinger and help from the CIA, General Pinochet led a coup d’etat to overthrow the elected president Allende of Chile at the time the most democratic country in South America. On 9-11 the USA is both victim and victimizer, and both should be remembered.
See Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now (9-15-10), interview of Juan Garces, the last surviving aide to Allende, now a human rights lawyer in Spain who has spent all these years trying to bring Pinochet and his fellow criminals to justice, on the basis of the Nuremberg crimes against humanity and genocide laws. He has worked with the great human rights judge Baltazar Garzon, who attempted to prosecute General Franco’s officials, and who has been stripped of his judgeship by the Spanish legal establishment. Question: Should we remember massacres and demand justice for the victims of mass murderers? Garces told the story of Hitler dismissing objections to his decision to invade Poland—that it would be condemned by the world—by saying world opinion is short-lived, citing the Turkish genocide against Armenians: Who remembers them?

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