Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sign Petitions on Torture, Kidnapping, Murder

The military dictatorship in Argentina (murders, kidnappings, torture, rapes, abductions and sale of infant, coverups) went unpunished for 30 years, until Argentina’s Supreme Court overturned amnesty laws. Finally in 2006 trials began and high-ranking officials have been sentenced to prison. The families of the victims at last can discover the truth of their deaths, but they also hope to make sure it never happens again to others, and to use the trials to educate Argentine society about state terrorism, especially young people who do not remember the dictatorship. The defendants (from generals to policemen) claimed, following the Nazi defense at Nuremberg, they acted in a time of war and under orders.
Similarly, US leaders ordered and planned kidnapping, torture, murder, and coverup, and they have never been prosecuted. For this reason, OMNI this summer of 2010 is tabling at the Farmer’s Market with petitions denouncing torture, assassinations, and the drones used for murder. Come help us educate our public about these crimes by our officials, who of course claim they are acting in a time of war, though President Bush and V-P Cheney cannot pass the buck.

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