Saturday, July 17, 2010

Iranian Threat

NOAM CHOMSKY, “The Iranian Threat,” Z Magazine (July/August 2010). This is the best brief essay refuting the alleged threat from Iran. Don’t’ miss it, for our present policy is highly inflammatory, dangerous, and violates international laws (i.e. treaties) and resolutions: the UN Charter, Security Council resolution 1887 of Sept. 2009, reaffirming the call to all states to resolve disputes related to nuclear issues peacefully, in accordance with the Charter, which bans the use or threat of force). For the full essay go to:
ZCommunications | The Iranian Threat by Noam Chomsky | ZSpace
Jun 28, 2010 ... Noam Chomsky's ZSpace Page • Join ZSpace. The dire threat of Iran is widely recognized to be the most serious foreign policy crisis facing ...

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