Monday, May 11, 2009

OMNI patriotism forum

MAY 22, 2009
Sponsor: OMNI Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology
Subject: The books discussed by the panelists range widely over such subjects as patriotism, superpatriotism, nationalism, Americanism, US exceptionalism, loyalty, justice. What is patriotism, and what is the proper behavior of a patriotic citizen?
Date: Friday, May 22, 2009
Place: Nightbird Books
Time: 6:00
Some of the questions to be raised during the Forum:
What is patriotism. What does it mean to love one’s country? To be anti-patriotic is to be anti-American? Is love of nation natural? Is there a difference between country and nation and government? Are love of nation and love of country identical? What is the role of the flag? Of loyalty? Is love of country geographical, demographic, cultural, ideological (freedom?), for economic opportunity and prosperity? What is the relationship between patriotism and nationalism? Are they responsible for good or harm mainly? Is patriotism equally laudable in all countries—Nazi, Soviet, British, USA? How many US wars have been justifiable? What has been their purpose—freedom? Should a citizen support an unjust war? Should we recite the/a Pledge of Allegiance? Sign a loyalty oath? Would we be better off with matriotism?
Edrene McKay, NWACC History Instructor, Superpatriotism
Lisa Corrigan, Asst. Prof. UA, The Curious Feminist
Larry Woodall, Businessman, American Exceptionalism and Human Rights
Nancy Saunders, Writer, Combat by Trial
Dick Bennett
(479) 442-4600
2582 Jimmie Ave.
Fayetteville, AR 72703

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