Friday, April 11, 2008

True Majority says Condolezza Rice must resign for approving torture

It's been only 24 hours since we started our Condi Must Go campaign and thanks to you it's taken off. Already 22,793 of you signed our petition for Secretary of State Rice to resign for approving torture, and the media has turned its eye towards Condi. Now, we need to turn up the heat.

Help True Majority in effort to have Condolezza Rice resign

Next week, the eyes of the world will be on Pennsylvania as the Democratic and Republican primaries approach and the candidates debate. This is our chance to bring our campaign to the attention of the political establishment. Next week we will launch an advertising campaign in Pennsylvania with one simple message-- Condi Rice must resign as Secretary of State. But, we need your help.

Contribute $35 right to turn up the heat:

Here's what The Nation had to say about our campaign yesterday:
Given these new revelations not only are Rice's chances of becoming a veep candidate blown out of the water--if there's any trace of decency left in a GOP headed by two torturers-in Chief, Bush & Cheney--but this news should also lead to demands that she resign as Secretary of State.
As True Majority puts it: "America needs a Secretary of State who can repair relations with countries around the world and stand up for human rights. Instead, we have a Secretary of State who chaired meetings on specific torture techniques. Our international reputation and moral standing are just the latest in the ever growing costs of this Administration's foreign policy".1

This is the moment of accountability. Do we let Condoleezza Rice off the hook for approving torture? Or do we send her away in shame like Alberto Gonzales before her? Together, we can make sure America makes the right choice.
Contribute $35 right now for a media buy in Pennsylvania:

Thanks for acting to reclaim America,


Ilya Sheyman
Online Organizer

Help True Majority in effort to have Condolezza Rice resign

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