Saturday, October 20, 2007

OMNI Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology to Send Delegation to Little Rock for Oct. 27 peace rally web button

PLEASE CLICK on poster above to visit Oct. 27 Website.

Have they been ignoring us so long we’ve got used to it? Sure hope not. United for Peace and Justice is holding major regional mobilizations in 11 cities on October 27. That’s just one week away. Take a look at the website, ( and see if you can attend any of them. The southern city is New Orleans. Hope some of us can go.

This is a major chance for Americans to say to our rogue government “we do not support this.” We’ve got to do it.
Because New Orleans is a 12-hour drive away, it’s been difficult to find people with time and energy to make the trip.

Some of us who can’t make it to New Orleans have decided to tool over to Little Rock for the Saturday event.

Others may go to Oklahoma City, where there will be a smaller demonstration in support of the major ones. It’s only a 3-hour drive, and we’d like to carpool or caravan over.

Is there anybody else who’s as upset about this war as we are? You’re welcome to join us for this little trek. We plan to meet some OK City peace people, speak our truth, have a good meal, and come home. And, OK City’s an ‘old’ peace group we may be able to learn something from. The networking will be fun.

If this strikes a light for you, email Gladys at . We’ll be finalizing plans in just a few days, and really want to include you.


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